Family Feast

Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather around the table.

For 4 years Northminster has been feeding our neighbors at Thanksgiving (you can read about what we have done here and here).

While Thanks and Giving (as we called it) was a really good thing, as we are learning what it means to be a church that ministers with our neighbors, we felt led to try something different this year: a pot luck feast.

We invited Northminster’s internal ministries, neighborhood ministry partners, and community friends to gather for a meal. “Everybody bring something, and we’ll trust God to provide a wonderful meal.”

We envisioned that it would be like the first Thanksgiving, when members of the community gathered in their diversity, brought what they had, and celebrated God’s goodness.

As always in matters of faith, there were some anxious moments–Will we really have enough food? Will people actually come if they are providing the meal (instead of having one provided for them)? Writing on the morning after the feast, I can affirm that we had nothing to worry about.

From decorations to turkey to fabulous desserts, everything came together in a marvelous way. There may not have been quite twelve baskets of food left over, but there was plenty to eat. And our brand new gospel choir was the exclamation point on the evening.

What a celebration! What an amazing community of faith!

I’m guessing that those who participated in Northminster’s Family Feast woke up this morning as I did—our hearts filled with Thanksgiving.

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