Last week I attended a conference in Norfolk at the church of my friend, Michael Sciretti.

Freemason Street Baptist Church (FSBC) is no stranger to me. When I moved to Richmond, Pastor Don Dunlap showed me how an older pastor encourages his younger peers. Now that I have become “the older pastor,” I am especially grateful for what he taught me.

FSBC made the difficult decision to stay in downtown Norfolk when other churches were fleeing for the suburbs. Attendance declined and a decade ago they seriously considered disbanding. Today, they are a congregation on the upswing (with almost 200 in attendance). A major investment in the excellence of their facilities has helped turn the tide of decline.

Their sanctuary was constructed in 1850. Designed by the architect responsible for the U.S. Capitol, it is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Several years ago the congregation renovated it’s aging facilities and the result is absolutely stunning. Beauty has a way of opening us up to God.

After spending two days in their beautiful and carefully maintained facility,  I was once again reminded that “excellence honors God and inspires people.”

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One Response to Excellence

  1. Jo says:

    Beautiful! So glad the church is on the upswing with attendance.

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