God’s First Question

The Northminster Family made a new friend last month. Pastor Giuseppe Miglio from Pordenone, Italy was in Richmond on sabbatical, finishing a book. He spent the month of

Pastor Giuseppe Miglio

August with our church, observing our worship and ministries.

I invited him to preach, and Giuseppe left us with a question that I want to pass along to you.

It’s from Genesis 3, when Adam and Eve eat forbidden fruit and then try to hide from God. The question that God called out in the cool of that day was, “Where are you?”

Did God really not know where they were?

Giuseppe told us about Rabbi Shneur Zalman who had been imprisoned in Russia. The commander of the prison guards enjoyed conversing with the rabbi about matters of faith. One day the commander seized on the first question God asks in the Bible, “Why did Omniscient God say to Adam, ‘Where are you?’ If it is possible to hide from God, then God must not be all-knowing.”

The rabbi responded, “You are Adam.”

God is asking, “Where are you?”

The question is not about location, it’s a question of relationship. “Where are you?” is another way of asking, “Why are you hiding from Me?”

And we all hide from God. So Giuseppe suggested that we tune in to the question God is asking, with great love and tenderness, “Where are you?”

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