Transformed Lives

I’m concluding the “More Than a Motto” series on Sunday with two special messages. (Northminster members: you just might want to hear both!)

Our topic is “Transform Lives.” Rather than simply listening to the preacher talk about transformation, you’re going to hear stories from people who have been transformed and are transforming others.

9:30 Worship

I’ll be interviewing Karel Harris, founder of Thrive Moms, one of Northminster’s newest ministries. Thrive is a ministry to single moms and their children. Their motto is “building strong children, one mom at a time.” Karel’s story is a compelling example of how God never wastes a hurt.

 11:00 Worship

I’ll be interviewing three Northminster members who got to know each other in small group. Eureka Pendleton’s first contact with Northminster was twenty years ago when she attended our day camp for the children of Gilpin Court. She now serves on our Leadership Council. April Dickerson’s introduction to Northminster was our first Thanks and Giving Community Meal. She has become deeply involved in Northminster and has experienced significant changes in the last three years. Beth McMahon has been a member of Northminster for over twenty years. From her vantage point as lay leader and staff member, Beth has seen (and experienced) how God has transformed this congregation and its members in the process.

The messages should be fun, informative and, just maybe, transforming.

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