3W—Acts (part 1)

3W is this week. We’ll gather at 6:00 for supper, then we’ll jump into Acts together.

Judging from the comments, you’re not as excited about Acts as you were about the Gospels. Am I right? Or has the new year pushed you in other directions? I’m going to do my best Wednesday evening to blow the dust of the New Testament book of Acts and show you why it’s relevant, interesting, even exciting.

It’s the story of how the earliest Christ followers became the church. It’s the story of how God moved improbably in the lives of folks long ago. And when you pay attention to how God worked with them and through them, you begin to see, “Maybe those same kind of things are happening right now.”

Acts does not gloss over the failings of the earliest Christians. They complained, argued, disagreed and occasionally parted company. It’s all so very human. I don’t know about you, but I find hope in the stories of our ancestors. If they were far from perfect, and God used them, maybe there’s hope for me.

I’ll look forward to seeing you Wednesday evening.

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2 Responses to 3W—Acts (part 1)

  1. logan jones says:

    Maybe there is hope for me too then 🙂 Thanks Sammy.

  2. Jeanne Murdock says:

    I’m very excited about reading Acts! We are living the continuing story.

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