3W—The Gospel of Luke

Remember 3W is tonight (Dec. 15th). Supper is at 6:00, Bible study/discussion at 7:00.

Gospel writer Luke was Syrian not Jewish. He probably met Paul at the church in Antioch and accompanied him on Paul’s journeys to establish base communities across the empire. What a pair they made. Paul, a “Hebrew born of Hebrews,” and Luke, a non-Jewish Christian. God used them to expand the tent of Christianity to everyone regardless of race.

Because he himself was an outsider who had been welcomed into faith in Christ, Luke had a heart for outsiders. He carefully chose stories that showed Jesus championing foreigners, underdogs and the downtrodden.

If you’d like to do a little last-minute studying for tonight, read through some of the passages where Luke shines his spotlight on folks society considered left out and left behind. We’ll be focusing on some of them when we gather at 7:00.

The Birth of Jesus—Mary and the Shepherds  (Chapters 1-2)

Jesus’ Sermon in Nazareth  (4:16-30)

Good Samaritan (10:20-37)

10 Lepers (17:11-20)

Pharisee and Tax Collector (18:10-14)

Zachaeus (19:1-9)

The Thief on the Cross (23:43)

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