3W—The Gospel of John

I sat down this morning and read the Gospel of John. It took me an hour and forty minutes.

Reading through the gospels a chapter each day can make you feel like you’re reading a book every month—we do refer to the “books of the Bible.” It’s easy to convince yourself, “I just don’t have time to read a book of the Bible this month.” Gardner Taylor was fond of observing that the New Testament is not made up of “books” but “pamphlets.”

In a couple of hours you can read through a gospel.

I tell you this because I know how things go this time of year. With social engagements, with school functions, with sports (to watch, to attend, to play), with work’s increased demands, with projects around the house to finish before the weather turns unbearably cold, with all the little, normal things of life that pull at us, it’s hard to find time to keep up with daily scripture readings. This is what I’m hearing from you. Now, each of us could use a discerning look at our priorities, but that’s a topic for another time.

Right now, I want to remind you that if you’ve fallen behind reading the Gospel of John, all you need to catch up is a couple of hours between now and Wednesday evening. You can do it!

To help us get ready for the 3W teaching, why don’t you use the comments to answer one or more of these questions:

  • John is different from Matthew, Mark and Luke. Do you like John’s presentation better? Or not care for it as much? Why?
  • Who is your favorite character in John (other than Jesus)? Why?
  • What was your favorite passage in John? Why?
  • The most troubling passage?
  • The most challenging passage?
  • How did you feel about John’s presentation of Jesus’ enemies? Are the enemies portrayed as more or less viscous than in the other gospels?
  • Chapters 1 and 21—does John’s approach to beginning and ending the gospel appeal to you more than Matthew’s or Mark’s? Why?

Thanks for your help. I’m looking forward to our study on Wednesday evening (supper is at 6:00, Bible study at 7:00).

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2 Responses to 3W—The Gospel of John

  1. Beth says:

    These questions are helpful! Looking forward to discussing them tonight.

  2. Wendy says:

    Please tell me that you all recorded the conversation!?! We had a school function to attend last night and I was sad to miss this discussion!!!

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