On the fourth of October thirty-five years ago, I stood under a cloudless sky, looked into the eyes of my beloved, and spoke the words we had written together. “Today I covenant with you to continue to be your friend,” our vows began. I was holding the hands of my best friend, and thirty-five years later she is still my best friend.

As you would guess, our friendship has not been perfect all these years. There have been times when we tested one another’s limits. And, yes, we have each wondered on occasion, “What in the world could I have been thinking on October 4, 1975?”

But by God’s grace we have weathered life’s storms together and today we are still one another’s best friends.

In my experience friendship is a solid foundation on which to build a marriage.

For proof that thirty-five years is a long time, here’s the evidence:

Lynda and Sammy (at 24 and 25)

Hey, it was the ’70sβ€”long hair was the style back then.

We used to do a Marriage Enrichment Retreat every year at Northminster. Here’s my idea for reviving the tradition: we have a few couples in our church who have been married over 30 years. Let’s call them the village elders. I would love to hear them tell us how they have managed to stay married so long. I’m guessing that our younger couples would like to hear their advice and would benefit from it. What do you think?

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13 Responses to 10.4.75

  1. Mary Beth El-Shafie says:

    I like it (the idea…and the picture)!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Stacie says:

    Happy Anniversary! October is a great month to get married. :o)
    and I agree with Mary Beth….love the idea and the picture

  3. Kasey Buckland says:

    Oh my gosh! This might be one of my favorite blogs yet!!!! I love it! The idea of village elders passing on their wisdom would be soooooooo appreciated and welcomed! We want one of those marriages and would love some up close and personal advice on how to do it! GREAT idea!! Happy anniversary! The picture melted my heart too! Thank you for this blog!

  4. Jeanne Murdock says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Yes, great idea, Sammy. Love the picture and the witness your marriage is to other couples.

  5. Sign us up. We miss the marriage retreat and would love to join the village elders!

  6. logan jones says:

    LOVE the idea!
    p.s. Love it! Like it!! Need it!!! Got to have it!!!!

    Happy Anniversary you 2!

  7. Rach says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SAMMY AND LYNDA!!! You can count in the Shultzies that for sure! So thankful for you and your beloved πŸ™‚

  8. David ( a whole lot younger than Sammy) Williams says:

    WAS I born yet, Was Tiny Tim There , Man y’all were young , Hope you have 20 more . Love you

    • sammywilliams says:

      That’s my brother, David. For the record he’s a whopping 2 years younger. On the wedding day, David took one look at what I was wearing and said, “Man, I sure hope you rented that suit.” I had bought it, and I still have it. David, you can borrow it any time.

  9. beth mc. says:

    To the photo: Love. It. You look sooo young! Congratulations to you on 35 years of life together. Impressive.
    To the marriage retreat idea: We’re in! We loved the marriage retreats for years, would love to do it again.

    • beth mc. says:

      p.s. Wellll, you didn’t say marriage RETREAT, did you? Anyway, we’ll take advice in any forum! (and if a marriage retreat ever comes back up, we’d love to do that too!)

  10. Janet W says:

    WOW!! What a good-looking couple; then…and now!!! I love you both and congratulations on 35! Amazing..you guys are the best!!!

  11. Wendy says:

    Happy Anniversary! Love the photo and have laughed my self silly about your(Sammy not Lynda) long hair! πŸ˜‰

    Love the idea of the village elders and grateful we are not in that category yet!

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