Golden Rule Challenge (GRC)

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”   Matthew 7:12 (TNIV)

On Sunday I spoke about Matthew 7:12 which is sometimes called the Golden Rule. You can find the message here.

The Sermon on the Mount concludes with Jesus’ clear declaration that he intends for us to do the words he has just spoken.

So I took one verse from the Sermon on the Mount, arguably the most famous verse in Jesus’ sermon, and asked, “Can we focus on doing this one thing that Jesus commands?”

Here’s the challenge: live by the Golden Rule for one week.

Not a year. Not the rest of your life. Just this week.

When you’re in line at the grocery store, when you’re driving your car, when someone at work or at school is unkind, when you encounter a person in need, can you “do to others what you would have them do to you” for one week?

Jesus’ summary of the Law and the Prophets is pure genius. You see, he knows that we cannot “do to others what you would have them do to you” alone. We need Power from beyond. And we need a community to encourage and support us.

On Sunday lots of worshipers marked their prayer cards with GRC (as in “I’m taking the Golden Rule Challenge”). They were saying, “I want to live by the Golden Rule this week.”

How about you?

If you will use “Leave a Reply” to share your experiences, we can learn from each other.

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7 Responses to Golden Rule Challenge (GRC)

  1. Rach says:

    GRC … consider this my comm card for this week … now I’m off to get caught up on my Matt reading 🙂

  2. logan jones says:

    I … “reversed” my car on Laburnum today …

    “Lemme’ unpack that for y’all”

    the Scenario:
    I was behind one car on Laburnum Ave. at a stop light this morning

    the story:
    there’s this dude holding a “Help! Need Food Just Lost Job”-sign [in the pouring rain, mind you] – well, I find myself passing him and just sitting there when God begins speaking to my thoughts and to paraphrase what He was saying, well, it went something like this,

    “Ok, cool, let’s see, here you are now Logan … Nasty weather today, huh, brrr, Hey I want you to remember that you have a lunch sandwich packed for you … a can of soda … some yogurt … and a $5.00 bill that you were saving for lunch BUT … also … “Hey, You, You do have lunch already … so … why don’t cha put your little Saturn in “reverse” (since there’s NO ONE behind you > Hmm, wasn’t that a “coincidence” 😉 >>) and back up to him and GIVE HIM THE FIVE Bucks buddy… and “Oh yeah, did You or didn’t You put “GRC” on your communication card last Sunday … Hmm, Yeah exactly, I thought so … Ssso … ”

    Yeah, it went something like that …

    … Need less to say, I “Caved,” of course, and found myself giving it to the dude with the sign in the rain – & He said, “Thank You, thank you Brotha … I will use this to buy myself some lunch today I promise God Bless Ya!” – I replied: “You better!” and was on my way …

    and well, guess what, the next voice inside my own thoughts was?
    I am not proud of this here but, truth be told, it was the voice of Resistance, “He’s not going to use the cash 4 food you know … ” it seemed to sneer …

    I have to B honest here, I wondered and still do wonder, where God’s voice went after the sharing of the $5 Bill BUT I also know this, “I am now resting all of that in the knowing that … well, at “least” I took Jesus’ words seriously and “Did unto someone else what I would have them do unto me!”

    That’s it for now, and it seems mysteriously to be all i need. Don’t ask me “how” … it just is.


    • Kasey Buckland says:

      LOVE love love the story! So exactly what I would have hoped I would have done, but am just not sure when it comes down to it. Why do we get so jaded? It seems like so many of the things that Jesus has “beef” with are when things get unnatural. People turn things into “ritual” or “routine behavior” and all the meaning gets sucked out. The way he does things makes sense to me. You know it’s the right way. You just have to drown out the voices in your ears. We are pretty well trained by this world. I need to seriously turn my world volume down and Holy Spirit volume up! Whoop Whoop!

    • beth mc. says:

      Thanks for sharing this, lj. I so relate to what you’re saying because about 80% of the time, when I try to help somebody, it just doesn’t turn out like the movie script I think it should be. I hand over the five bucks and wait for the music to swell and the camera to zoom in to a closeup on the person’s grateful face…and instead, I get some voice in my head going, “Well, what good did THAT do?”

      Hmmmm. And yet it’s the right thing, you know it’s the right thing, and like you say – that’s enough.

  3. Abby Schreiner says:

    Great story, Logan! It makes me think about the ways that I approach the street corner beggars. I almost always have food in my car. I don’t like to spend money to eat out, so I usually pack my lunch (and sometimes dinner too) before I leave in the morning. When I see someone on the corner with a sign, I give them food only if I have more than I need for the day. But all too I often think, “If I give them my food, then I won’t have anything to eat later” and I just keep driving. Is the golden rule only about giving when it doesn’t hurt us? Or is it about giving sacrificially? I’m embarrassed to admit that I did not give away my lunch this week. I’m still working on that golden rule thing.

    • beth mc. says:

      Gee, I wish I’d had an encounter with somebody holding a “hungry” sign this week – it would have been so much easier than getting pounded all week with trying to treat my “everyday people” as I would want to be treated. (BTW, this is in NO WAY intended to detract from the stories Logan and Abby have shared – great, great stories/thoughts, and really important discussion. :0) )

      My “doing unto others” mostly consisted of holding my tongue. It’s so easy for me to think I know the right way to do everything, and I can get sooo critical when somebody else does things a different way, so a bunch of times this week, I just had to shut up. I sure don’t like other people telling ME what to do, thus to treat as I would want to be treated = don’t tell others what to do, when it really doesn’t matter. Ugh.

      Treating others as you want to be treated can be a real dunk in humility: Beth, keep your opinion to yourself, perhaps it is not contributing as much to the world as you think it is.

      • Lj says:

        Thanks for that Beth! It is always bigger isn’t it!!

        I’ve been tuned in to this song all week and the line that gets stuck in my head is this one … “no man is my enemy, my own hands imprison me … love rescue me”

        The dominant question our cultures and societies across the human spectrum seems to be, “what is wrong with the world and how can we or (I) fix it!”

        Well, y’all, here is the answer I believe, … the problem with the world is (…) ME.

        Jesus came to be our Savior!

        Breathe in the breathe that He gives us to breathe to worship Him.

        Grace and Peace to you in Him,



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