New Message Series: iWitness

When the church collected the writings that Christians considered holy, they chose to include not one account of Jesus’ life or two or even three. They selected four brief narratives, each of them different. They were called “gospels,” which is simply the Greek word for “good news.” What set these four gospels apart from other early writings about Jesus was that the church felt they originated from eyewitnesses to Jesus’ life.

This fall we are reading through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John together as a church (you can find a reading schedule here). The Sunday messages will come from the gospel we are reading. For you who like to look ahead, here are titles and texts for the next several Sundays.

9.12    John Mark: From Observing to Following
9.19    Vision Sunday: Command and Commission (Matt. 22:36-40, 28:19-20)
9.26    The Power of Positive Living (Matt. 7:12)
10.3    Following Jesus (Matt. 8:18-27)
10.10   Final Exam Questions (Matt. 25:31-46)
10.17   My Name is Levi: Unlikely Choice
10.24   Two Voices Singing (John 1)
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