Stumbling on a Good Song

A friend was telling me that her husband constantly fiddles with the radio when he drives. He jumps from station to station, she said, looking for a song he likes. She wasn’t exactly complaining, more like observing an alien from another planet. Normal people find one station and stick to it, she seemed to be saying.

I am from her husband’s planet.

The way I figure it: if God had wanted us to listen to songs we don’t like, God wouldn’t have given us so many radio stations.

Which sort of explains how last Sunday morning on the way to worship I found myself listening to a song I had never heard before.

And I listened to the entire song.

Anyone who begins with the lyric, “I have unanswered prayers/I have trouble I wish wasn’t there,” has my attention.

The singer/songwriter’s name is JJ Heller. She is categorized as an indie Christian artist but she refers to herself as a folk singer. I googled her and learned that she’s a Christian who writes and performs her own music accompanied by her husband, Dave.

They have a one-year-old daughter named Lucy. An interviewer inquired where the name came from, “Do you like old names or are you a fan of Peanuts?” he wanted to know. “We like The Chronicles of Narnia where Lucy was a strong character,” JJ replied, “but mostly we liked that Lucy means ‘bringer of light.’” A thoughtful, gifted young woman.

You can hear the interview here, and this is the song I stumbled on:

Like it? Then go to iTunes and buy a copy. Young artists have a hard time making it financially, and we need to support thoughtful songwriters.

And Lucy needs formula.

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