The Free Market

A few months ago, Terry and Cassie showed up at our weekly food distribution with some items that had belonged to a friend (who the friend was and how they came to have the items is a story for another time). They set up a table and offered the items to whoever wanted them. Cassie and Terry were so moved by the response that they have been gathering things to give away ever since. They named their mission the Free Market.

One of the principles we operate by at Northminster is to find where God is already at work and join in.

Our leaders decided to ask the whole church to participate in the Free Market during December. We produced a simple video to encourage people to help.

The stories are amazing. Morgan brought her wedding dress and a woman who is getting married in May was exactly her size. An older man came looking for shoes and when he found a pair that fit perfectly, walked out saying, “I got what I came for!” A little boy rode of on a Razor Scooter with the biggest smile on his face. As we moved into December the Market grew so large we had to take over the Worship Center. Amazing.

Here’s what it looked like last weekend:

If you’d like to help, here’s a current list of needs: Men’s large pants, Gloves & Coats, Underwear, White athletic socks, Children’s gently used toys that we can recycle for Christmas gifts, Housewares, Sheets & towels, Makeup, Lotions, Slippers, Sweatshirts, Old Christmas Decorations

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One Response to The Free Market

  1. Terry Smith says:

    Today a woman was the first to put money in our “Free Market” donation box. This woman lives in one of the most run-down homes in the city of Richmond. She has no heat, vehicle, not sure about electricity and is raising three precious children.

    We prayed and greeted each other with hugs and handshakes.

    Beautiful smiling people played and did crafts with children while their parents shopped.

    Families from the suburbs and surrounding counties came with wares and gave rides all over the city.

    A woman who knows very few of us brought wares, three pies, two cakes, and many ham biscuits to folks she may never meet.

    Our Advent decorations were mistaken for fm items and wiped out. At first we were befuddled and maybe a little indignant and then we laughed and thanked God for reminding us that we did not need them!

    A twelve year old girl wearing flip-flops came to apply for food assistance for her family. She took nothing from the Free Market.

    A man had nothing dressy to wear to his daughter’s Christmas wedding; JT helped him find a suit, shoes and all the trimmings!

    A precious team of children ran our kitchen and hospitality center.

    A woman from Louisa County took her gloves from her purse to give a women to wear on her walk home – she reluctantly received them and said “Thank you, they match this coat I got from the Free Market last week”.

    “What a beautiful mess we’re in!”

    I know that I felt God today, Terry

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