When Jesus told the Teacher of the Law to love God with all you’ve got and love your neighbor as yourself, the guy immediately wanted to know, “Okay, then, who exactly is my neighbor?”

Good question.

Where do we draw the line of acceptance? Assistance? We required to give ourselves away to whom?

In response, Jesus told one of the most famous stories in the Bible: The Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Most people know the broad details of the story: a guy is robbed, beaten and left for dead. The two travelers you would expect to lend him a hand do not. The unexpected stranger saves his life.

It’s a story about roadside assistance, right? I don’t think so. Seems to me that Jesus’ point was not what, but who. Not how do I show love, but to whom do I show love.

So, who is your neighbor? This is where the message is going on Sunday.

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